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Synthetic and
Electronic Music

There's something different about synthetic and electronic music. While other music genre use relatively traditional instruments (even electric guitars work on the same principles as a harp), the instruments behind electronic music are altogether different and, to the uninitiated, utterly mysterious. Walk into some electronic music studios and you might think you've walked straight into NASA launch control. Banks of mysterious machinery, a rat's nest of cables and more flashing lights than you can shake a baton at. Oscillators, filters, LFOs, effects processors, and the rest, combining to create the most otherworldly sounds. To the initiated they are, of course, the instruments we know and love. You'll find many of them here and more will be added over time so remember to bookmark us and come back often. Tell us about your fav instrument...

Find out about these amazing instruments and the great artists who've used them...

ARP 2600 Korg Radias Korg Wavestation

Moog Modular

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