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New Yamaha S70XS and S90XS
Performance Keyboards

Yamaha have unveiled the S70XS and S90XS Performance Keyboards. Both offer the same features including hammer-action weighted keyboards. The S70XS has 76 keys while the S90XS has 88 keys.

The user interface has been simplified with live-performance in mind. As Yamaha put it: "We believe that the synth player can now finally enjoy and be inspired by the performance rather than having to concentrate on modes, menus and multis." The most common controls are more easily available, but if you still want to burrow down to the more detailed parameters, you can. Included is editing software for Mac and PC boasting an in-depth graphical user interface. You can even use the synth like a VST instrument thanks to the dedicated VST3 editor.

The synths also offer a 'panel lock' which can prevent tampering or accidentally changing settings.

The keyboards are packed with sounds from Yamaha's popular Motif XS range of synths (hence the 'XS' in the model numbers). They've also managed to pack in a sampled Yamaha S6 concert grand piano.

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