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If you make music with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), you'll already know about the many control surfaces available. But check this out for a new angle...

Red Leaf Audio have introduced their TS32 touch-screen user interface. Unlike most touch-screens, it's set at an angle comparable to a mixing desk making it comfortable for prolonged use. Also, unlike most touch-screen technology today, it uses a series of optical cameras to sense where you're pointing. This offers many advantages, such as being able to point to it with a pen you're holding instead of your finger. This also means it can offer multi-touch functionality with operating systems that support this, including Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) and the upcoming Windows 7 which will replace Microsoft's unpopular Vista operating system. Multi-touch enables you to point to multiple parts of the screen at the same time and manipulate things more intuitively - like on Apple's iPhone - assuming the software you're using is capable of this.

The TS32 boasts a 32-inch display and connects to Macs and PCs via HDMI or VGA. It also requires one available USB connector for the touch-screen control.

See it here (courtesy of SOS):



Date: August 15, 2009


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