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A Thing About Machines -
Coventry, September 24 - 27, 2009

Inspired by Tangerine Dream's 1976 concert in Coventry Cathedral, A Thing About Machines is described as Coventry's other arts festival. The brain-child of Sonic Graffiti (otherwise known as Cormac Faulkner), A Thing About Machines will explore art and music that uses, reinterprets, reviews or renews technology invented over the past century. It takes place in various venues around Coventry, UK, over a three day period.

Cormac Faulkner is a multi-disciplinary artist, originally from Ireland, but is now based in Coventry. He works in sound, video, and photography to explore our reaction to our surroundings and changing events. As he sums it up: transformation of a space, transportation from a place, response to surroundings, interaction and reaction.

Cormac Faulkner has previously created interactive installations that transform spaces, inviting people to re-evaluate their surroundings. Using a technique he calls "Video Balled", he engages people through a combination of video, imagery, sound, voice, and music.

In his photographic work, Cormac Faulkner combines the latest digital technology with original printing processes from the past to explore light, movement, and observation.

A Thing About Machines takes place in various venues around Coventry, UK between September 24 to 27, 2009.

To get you in the mood for A Thing About Machines, here's a great animated short by the geniuses at Bam Studio:


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Date: September 11, 2009


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