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Established in UK

The British Music Information Centre (BMIC), Contemporary Music Network (CMN), Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM), and Sonic Arts Network (SAN) are merging to become a new organization called Sound and Music (SAM).

The new network combines the forces of its founding networks to provide the UK with a fresh, creative voice and act as a promotional platform and development agency for music and sound. Once fully launched in the spring of 2009, Sound and Music will operate on a larger scale than was previously possible for the four founding organizations. Working across the UK and internationally, Sound and Music's aim is to deliver new opportunities and infrastructure, radically increasing the potential impact for the work it champions.

The already successful initiatives - such as SPNM's composer shortlist, BMIC's score and recording collection, SAN's Sonic Postcards project and Expo and Cut & Splice festivals, and CMN's national touring program - will continue, along with new initiatives.

SAM aims to:

Live events: Working in partnership, Sound and Music will create a hugely diverse program of events, projects and initiatives that showcase the best in new music and sound.

Virtual venue and community: Central to Sound and Music's programme will be its website. A brand new creative space, will provide a virtual venue and online community, with opportunities for networking, listening, promotion and e-commerce.

Information and resources: Sound and Music will provide a focal point for a large and diverse range of resources: from comprehensive, free of charge UK event listings and publications to music scores, downloads and an information-rich knowledge network.

Learning and participation: Encouraging learning and participation will be at the heart of Sound and Music's work. Our program will include support and professional development for composers and artists and opportunities both for children and adults of all ages to discover, learn and create.



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