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Expand Your Native Instruments Maschine Native Instruments produce some of the finest virtual synths on the planet with sounds ranging from gut-punching kicks to evocative and evolving sound effects. The Maschine virtual groove-box offers all the genius that is Native Instruments but with an added advantage: you can expand it with packs that add, not only fresh sounds, but also fresh rhythmic patterns for you to play with.

Fresh out of the stable are two such packs, each designed by renowned sound designers:


From the manufacturer: Vintage Heat is a treasure chest of warm and meaty sounds based on vintage analog gear, ready to add its distinctive, production-ready charm to your Maschine tracks. Packed full of beautifully sampled drum machines and synthesizers, and recorded using cutting-edge contemporary techniques by Goldbaby Productions, this Maschine expansion brings vintage cool right up-to-date.


From the manufacturer: This Maschine Expansion is aimed square at the dance-floor, with a premium selection of highly crafted drum one shots, multi-sampled synthesizer sounds, automated multi-FX-chains and pre-programmed rhythms. Created by Surround SFX, and featuring exclusive patterns by Desolat recording artist Martin Buttrich, Transistor Punch delivers tight, loud, punchy electronic sounds for your Maschine tracks.

Available: Now

Requirements: Native Instruments Maschine

Price: $59, 49 €

Links: Native Instruments

Date posted: April 18, 2011


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