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New Album from
Johannes Schmoelling

Johannes Schmoelling, who was a member of Tangerine Dream between 1980 - 1985, has released his latest album "A Thousand Times". Comprising eleven tracks (see track list below) it totals over 60 minutes of new, previously unreleased material.

Johannes Schmoelling - A Thousand Times

The album cover shows part of the back entrance window of Saint Mathias' Catholic church, Schoeneberg in Berlin

Track Listing

  1. Monochrome
  2. Diorama
  3. Abacus
  4. Stigma
  5. Funeral Tears
  6. A Thousand Times
  7. Blueprint
  8. A Thousand Times - reprise
  9. Kiterunner
  10. Palace Of Dreams
  11. Footsteps

Tracks 1 to 10 were composed, performed and produced by Johannes Schmoelling between January and November 2009. The last track "Footsteps" is a bonus track which was composed, performed and produced by Jonas Behrens who is appearing on Viktoriapark Records for the first time.

Release date: December 9, 2009
CD is available at Viktoriapark, code VP 18 083 (VP 09-8)

Artwork by Andreas Hedler
Photography by Johannes Schmoelling


Date posted: December 16, 2009


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