Signal Strength

Jean Michel Jarre -
Up Close and Personal

Jean Michel Jarre, one of the pioneers of electronic music, is approaching the finale of the European leg of his world tour. The tour will continue in September and then into 2010 (venues to be confirmed). What's different? This time it's up close and personal. The indoor venues give the audience an opportunity to see the star perform close at hand using - yes - the original analog equipment used for Oxygene, Equinoxe, etc. It's a little risky as there's so much more that can go wrong with the old kit, but that's part of the raw excitement and creative opportunity where the performers show their real metal.

Other innovations include an amazing laser display, closely choreographed with the music, and invisible speaker stacks. What? You heard right, the PA is nowhere to be seen. Jean Michel Jarre wanted an uncluttered stage to give maximum impact to the visual spectacular. So the PA is all neatly hidden away backstage.



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