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Turn Your iPhone
Into a Rhythm Machine

Dream Theatre keyboard player Jordan Rudess has teamed up with Amidio to develop a new musical instrument app for Apple's iPhone. JR Hexatone Pro is described as a six-directional drum machine and rhythm sequencer. It can churn out beats and loops (great for exploring new ideas) and can also be used in performance too.

JR Hexatone Pro

Designed around a hexagonal control surface, various buttons control the output of six independent oscillators. By switching these buttons through different modes, the programmed sequences take different routes through the hexagonal matrix. Hexatone Pro can also use the iPhone's accelerometer, so parameters (including effects) can be adjusted simply by moving, twisting and tilting the iPhone. Sounds complicated, huh? Make sense of it from the video on YouTube...

Hexatone Pro comes with over four hundred samples to play with and you can add your own WAV files any time. It costs $9.99 from Apple's Appstore.


Date: August 15, 2009


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