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If you use Garritan's Personal Orchestra, you'll be pleased to hear version four has been announced. Boasting a new core engine called Aria which models real orchestral instruments while putting less load on the CPU than previous versions. Sample load times have also been reduced for a snappier feel. Even better, there are new effects for adding reverb or mucking about with the stereo image. All good fun.

Garritan's Personal Orchestra

So now you have no excuse: you can have a full orchestra at your fingertips. The modeled instruments have been sampled from the finest, including Stradivari and Steinway. And if you want to be particularly experimental or if you produce non-Western music, the software can also handle custom instrument tunings using its Scala format.

Garritan's Personal Orchestra can work with Audio Units, RTAS and VST and even work with Sibelius and Finale which is particularly useful for those of a classical disposition. And for those who say you can't intone those subtleties like with a real instrument, you'll be pleased to hear Garritan's Personal Orchestra can use Steinberg's VST Expression for programming subtle nuances and articulations.

Cost is 30 GBP for the upgrade from a previous version or 92 GBP for the full package.

Time + Space UK: +44 (0)1837 55200

Date posted: October 7, 2009


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