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New Recording Pack from Flux Sound and Picture Development

Flux Sound and Picture Development have announced a Recording Pack combining many of their existing plug-ins derived from their flagship Solera II. Flux claims the "Recording Pack provides a versatile and comprehensive set of precision tools for your everyday recording and mixing session work giving you the best processor for each task within the range of dynamics and equalization processing".

The Pack includes Epure II (equalizer), Pure Compressor, Pure DCompressor, Pure Expander, Pure DExpander, and Pure Limiter.

With support for VST, Audio Unit, and RTAS, the plug-ins are compatible with Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Apple Final Cut Pro, Cakewalk Sonar, Max/MSP, DigiDesign ProTools, Mackie Tracktion, Motu AudioDesk and Digital Performer, Native Instruments Kore, Sony Acid Pro and Sound Forge, Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, WaveLab, and many others.

Epure II is a five-band equalizer using one of Flux's most complex proprietary algorithms. Each section provides:

  • An individual bypass
  • Filter type that can be set to low cut, low shelving, peak, hi shelving or hi cut
  • Gain control with the range -24 dB to +24 dB
  • Frequency range covering the whole bandwidth
  • Q factor adjustable from 0.1 to 100

The Epure II user interface boasts some cool features:

  • Copy A and Copy B duplicate the twenty settings of one slot to the other with a single click
  • Morphing A/B allowing for ultra fast and precise operation
  • X2 and /2 affect the gain value for each equalizer section
  • Invert to turn the positive gain values to negative ones and vice versa

Pure Compressor produces a wide range of compressions from ultra-clean subtle compressions to classic heavy pumping ones.

Pure DCompressor allows you to restore the original dynamic of a sound (e.g. after over-compression) returning some of that natural feeling.

Pure Expander produces a wide range of expansion from subtle to hard noise-gate. Using the proprietary Angel's Share and Hysteresis algorithms, Pure Expander allows you to remove unwanted noise or reverberation without adding a processed character to your sound.

Pure DExpander enhances the low levels of the sound, magnifies the spatialization information and is also very useful when you want a compact expander sound. The Angel's Share algorithm permits some heavy processing though still retaining an organic character to the sound.

Pure Limiter generates a release-envelope producing an artifact-free processed sound achieving a transparent limiting. A dramatic increase of the average audio level is easily achieved without damaging the perceived audio quality.

The components of the Recording Pack are all capable of processing audio at sample rates up to 384kHz.



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