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Spectralive Updated to Version 3
Now Also for Mac OS X

Crysonic, an Australian plug-in developer, have updated their Spectralive plug-in to version 3 and released it for Mac OS X for the first time. They've apparently completely rewritten the core engine to work with 64-bit internal precision for an even clearer sound. Unlike most frequency enhancing plug-ins, Spectralive claims not to introduce additional harmonics. Instead it subtly adjusts existing harmonics using a process they call 'spectral vitality' which, it's assumed, subtly adjusts timing and phase relationships.

Crysonic Spectralive NXT

Spectralive comes with eight enhancement algorithms and eight processes that can be combined in various ways to achieve the desired result. The update introduces an eleven-band EQ as well as a soft-limiter and peak limiter suitable for the final stages of mastering. And if that were not enough, there's also a mono-to-stereo algorithm that can add a wandering feel to the stereo image for a more natural sound.

From the manufacturer:

Crysonics third generation industry leading professional spectral audio vitality / enhancement processor with countless new features and improvements such as an eleven band look-ahead soft limiter / EQ / maximizer, new effect mix palette and can now be used with mono sources with exceptional results. Plus many other features and improvements. For the first time the Spectralive NXT V3 vitality processor is also available for Mac OS X.

"Ever since I have been using Crysonic products my mixes have jumped to life. I love the realness of the sound you get from them. Everything sounds more analog and has more punch to them. I use the plugins for everything from light compression to squashing a drum bus or mastering in Protools. I love using the compressor on multi tracks or drum groups. It fattens up the mix in a nice way without that harsh digital sound. The EQ is beautiful and sweet sounding without all the phase issues and raunch that some eq's have. When I remix Britney Spears, I need the mix to sound as professional as possible and the Crysonic plugins definitely do the job."
Jack D. Elliot (Producer, Songwriter, and also Remixer for Britney Spears, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Christina Milian, Ashley Tisdale from High school Musicals, Stevie Wonder. TV production MTV Punk'd, Americas next Top Model, Navy NCIS and wrote the theme song for Who Wants to be a Millionaire)

Spectralive NXT 3 costs $100 for the full package or $60 to upgrade from a previous version.


Date posted: October 7, 2009


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