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Master Perfection Suite Processors Now Available Individually

The Master Perfection Suite of audio-processing plug-ins available from Bias are now available separately allowing you to pick and mix according to your requirements. The assortment of audio-processing plug-ins offer pitch-correction, metering, dynamics-processing, equalisation, and spectral matching. Available for Mac and PC, they're compatible with Audio Units, VST and RTAS DAWs.

From Bias:

Designed from the ground up for mastering and sound design professionals, these state-of-the art plug-ins are available both separately, and as part of the high-powered Peak Pro XT package.

PitchCraft: Super Natural Pitch Correction

A real time pitch correction/transposition plug-in that fixes out-of-tune vocals or other single voice instruments easily and with minimal artifacts. Humorous, eerie, and even supernatural effects can also be obtained, making PitchCraft a great sound design tool as well.


Reveal: Exposes What's Really Going On In Your Mix With 7 Analysis Tools

Seven powerful analysis tools in a single plug-in interface: Oscilloscope, Peak and RMS Power History, Spectrogram, Pan Power, Spectral Analysis, Lissajous Phase Scope and Peak and RMS Level Meters.


SuperFreq: 4, 6, 8, and 10 band Paragraphic Equalization

A mastering-quality paragraphic equalizer that includes everything for professional caliber equalization, including -24dB to +24dB Gain Values; 0.1 to 30 "Q" (bandwidth) values.


GateEx: High Quality Gate And Downward Expander

A new pro-quality Gate/Expander plug-in with graphic displays, advanced parameter control, and downward expander - effectively removes signals below an assignable threshold and helps reduce audio noise.


Sqweez-3 and Sqweez-5: The Ultimate Linear Phase Multi-Band Processing

Two powerful multi-band compression/limiter/upward expander plug-ins with advanced new linear phase equalization algorithms from Bias. Both offer graphic per band viewing/editing of the threshold and EQ.


Repli-Q: Matches The Spectral Qualities of Your Favorite Mix to Your Own Tracks

Repli-Q matches the EQ of one source to another target signal. By learning the spectral profiles of the source and target signal, Repli-Q allows the degree of matching and smoothing to be manipulated.


In the UK, Bias products are available from Sonic 8.


Date: August 18, 2009


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